Pre-fabricated Modular Building Systems

Small Enough to Listen….Big Enough to Deliver.

Offices, Accommodations, Ablutions, Gyms, Kitchens, Dining Halls, Lounges, Communal areas, Recreation areas and more.

The ICS Group provides a comprehensive range of bespoke services related to life support solutions. From Camp Accommodations for Mining, Oil and Gas Companies, to Project and Site offices for the construction industry, ICS provides the ideal solutions to our client base. Project Management Services, Design/build and full turnkey solutions are part of the ICS Group’s portfolio offering.

With decades of experience under our belt, operating in some of the harshest environments of the world, the ICS Group is well positioned to meet the toughest challenges of providing solutions to our clients no matter where they wish to operate. With a proven track record operating in conflict, post conflict, disaster and even developed zones, ICS Group provides the perfect support platform for our clients to operate in any location.

Positioning ourselves as a one stop solution to meet increasingly demanding requirements, in any site locations, has been the goal of ICS since it was incorporated. With almost 30 years of experience which started when we were called upon to service the demands of expeditionary forces during the Bosnian conflict, the ICS Group now works with major industries and organizations from the United Nations, Oil/Gas and Mining Companies, to commercial and even residential projects.


Bio-Oxygen is the natural way to safely eliminate odours and purify the air we breathe.

Air Purification, Sterilisation & Odor Control solutions for public areas.
Clubs, office, apartment blocks and underground car-parks (parking lots).

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